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Webroot™ Security Awareness Training
Educate your employees and protect your business from cyber-security threats.

Webroot makes it easy to implement an ongoing training program that significantly reduces the risk of security breaches through phishing simulations based on real-world attacks and training that covers relevant security and compliance topics.

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Webroot™ Security Awareness Training


What is security awareness training?

Security awareness training is a proven educational approach for reducing risky employee IT behaviors that can lead to security compromises. Through the efficient delivery of relevant information and knowledge verification on subjects including information security, social engineering, malware, and industry-specific compliance topics, security awareness training increases employee resilience to cyber attacks at home, on the move, and at the office.

  • By participating in security awareness training, employees learn to avoid phishing and other types of social engineering cyberattacks, spot potential malware behaviors, report possible security threats, follow company IT policies and best practices, and adhere to any applicable data privacy and compliance regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.)

Why businesses need endpoint protection?

As cyber security threats continue to evolve, security awareness training helps businesses decrease help desk costs, protect their reputation and secure their overall cybersecurity investment.

  • Webroot makes it easy to implement an ongoing training program that significantly reduces the risk of security breaches through phishing simulations based on real-world attacks and training that covers relevant security and compliance topics.

A small business with under 50 employees, faces nearly the same level of risk as a 20,000- employee enterprise.
Webroot® Security Awareness Training customers see 12% less malware than those with Webroot Business Endpoint Protection alone

Key Features

Why Webroot Security Awareness Training is different:

Regulatory compliance included
Does your business take credit card payments? Is it part of a regulated industry? Then its necessary to educate employees to avoid being fined (or worse). Webroot® Security Awareness Training includes compliance training at no extra cost for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations.
Cover topics recommended by NIST
Webroot Security Awareness Training content library is updated regularly to ensure coverage of the topics recommended by NIST to help employees understand the threats they face and take the right action to prevent security incidents when they inevitably become the target.
Proven efficacy
Phishing and credential theft are the number one tactics used in breaches, with user error being more common than malware as the causal factor. With computer-based training, you can significantly change the odds, with click rates dropping by up to 50% after just 12 lessons.
Current, relevant and effective education
Training on an ongoing and continuous basis ensures employees are kept up to date on the latest methods of attack, so they stay informed and you stay out of any headlines. Webroot is constantly developing, adapting and adding new training content at least monthly and often more frequently.
Easy campaign and report management
Our powerful campaign wizard and built-in learning management software (LMS) make it easy to create, monitor and measure training activity at an individual and business level. Automatically send reminders and reports to ensure every training campaign is efficient and accountable.
Engaging, interactive courses
Succinct, easily consumed courses increase employee attentiveness and the overall effectiveness of cybersecurity education programs. More than 60 of Webroot's current training courses take 10 minutes or less to complete and all involve the employee by being informative and interactive.
Powerful phishing simulator
Webroot offers 200+ phishing templates adapted from real-world attacks which can be targeted and scheduled realistically to let you test and measure employee vulnerability to the leading cause of data breaches: email-based phishing. Our built-in editor lets you modify or create email and landing pages using dynamic variables so you can customize phishing simulations that match your business context to challenge even the savviest users
Microsoft® Azure AD onboarding and auto-enrollment
Webroot's Microsoft® Azure AD app is all you need to easily link Active Directory for automatic maintenance of the employees including new starters and leavers. Auto-enrollment means setting relevant and ongoing training programs for starters or any group of employees is straightforward and less time-consuming.

Powered by BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence
BrightCloud Threat Intelligence is derived from the Webroot® Threat Intelligence Platform, which takes in data from millions of sources, including real-world endpoints and our embedded security partners. This data stream provides unique insights into threat activity which guide the development of security awareness training content.

Designed for Continuous Engagement

  • Multiple Media Formats
    : Extend your reach with Infographics, Posters, Videos and more
  • 4 Learning Categories
    : Security, Business, Compliance + IT Skills
  • 200+ Phishing Templates
    : Adapted from real-world attacks
  • 85+ Micro Learning Modules
    : Can be completed in 10 minutes or less
  • 120+ Courses Available
    : All at one inclusive rate
  • Updates Every Month
    : Keeps education fresh

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