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Webroot Email Continuity
Always On | Access from Anywhere

With Email Continuity, your organization's email remains accessible across all devices, despite outages.

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Advanced Email Continuity


Why Email Continuity?

Advanced Email Continuity

  • Works automatically
  • No additional hardware or software required
  • Guards against email interruption
  • Avoid embarrassing bounced messages
  • Keep workers productive
  • Works with Email Threat Protection for phishing and malware protection

Work shouldn't stop just because email service goes online. Access 30 days of company email even if your infrastructure goes down.

Key Features

  • Easy provisioning:
    • Auto-provision via the Secure Cloud portal
    • Choice of datacenter locations (U.S. or Switzerland)
  • During an outage, users can:
    • Always know they're covered with automatic 30-day message storage
    • Access the Outlook Web App
    • Add Email Continuity mailbox as POP or IMAP in Outlook
    • Drag and drop Sent Items folder
    • Sync sent items from continuity service to primary mailbox once online

  • Great for:
    • Peace of Mind
    • Risk reduction
    • Maintenance
    • Hardware failure
    • Power outages
    • Remote Work
    • Natural disasters
    • Years like 2020

How it Works?

Email Continuity provides failsafe protection for your email service at all times so it's always accessible. If your primary mail server / service experiences an outage, all inbound messages are spooled at the spam filter until the primary mail server is back online. During the outage, Email Continuity users can access the last 30 days of inbound messages and continue to send and receive messages from their Email Continuity web portal.

Webroot Email Continuity

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