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Carbonite Safe
Protect critical data from the common causes of data loss

Protect and recover anything, from files and folders to a full system. Also Recover systems with minimal intervention

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Advanced Carbonite Safe


Why Carbonite Safe?

Carbonite Safe® is a powerful and easy way to protect the data that fuels business. From complex databases and system state information to individual users' files and folders, Carbonite Safe is all you need to secure data from common threats, like natural disasters, human error, hardware failures and ransomware.

No business is immune to data loss. Without backup, there's little hope of recovery. With Carbonite Safe, if you ever experience data loss - no matter how big or small - you have several options for getting the data back. If it's just a few files and folders, Carbonite Safe lets you recover only the items you need, without having to perform a full system recovery. This saves valuable time and resources, which is critical for minimizing the disruption already caused by losing data in the first place.

Carbonite Safe automatically replicates files, folders and application data and sends it to a secure, remote cloud location. This ensures you have a secondary copy should the original become lost, overwritten or corrupted.

Key Features

  • Protect and recover anything, from files and folders to a full system
  • Back up data from applications while people are using them
  • Choose local and cloud backup targets with separate retention policies
  • Protect and restore Hyper-V VMs to any local or virtual machine
  • Back up Exchange Online emails, calendars and user data
  • Create and manage policies by group, role, device or any criteria you choose
  • Access files remotely from the cloud
  • Recover systems with minimal intervention
  • Choose from either a local or cloud backup
  • Restore to new hardware just like it was on previous hardware
  • Manage backups, bandwidth settings, retention, security and more from anywhere
  • 128-bit encryption with 256-bit private key option and transport layer security (TLS/SSL)
  • Call, email or chat with our awardwinning business support team seven days a week
  • Support for HIPAA compliance

How it Works?

Carbonite Safe is a software agent that you download onto the computer or server you want to protect. A user-friendly installation wizard helps you configure the solution in a few simple steps. Once the installation is complete, the software automatically copies the selected files and data from the source and sends it to a secure cloud location. It also copies files that are actively being worked on. So, any changes you make are instantly mirrored in the cloud. This ensures the most recent version of your files remains secure.

Carbonite Safe not only keeps the most recent copy of files in the cloud, it also keeps previous versions going back 30 days. This way, if a file becomes infected with a ransomware virus, you can restore an earlier version from a point-in-time before the infection. You never have to pay a ransom to get files back.

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