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Webroot™ Advanced Email Encryption powered by Zix™

Webroot™ Advanced Email Encryption powered by Zix™
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Secure your email communication with Webroot

  • Simple and non-disruptive email encryption
  • Out-of-box filters, reporting, and easy setup
  • Meets GDPR, HIPAA and other regulatory compliance requirements

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What is an encrypted email?

Email encryption ensures messages with sensitive information are encrypted before delivery to meet compliance requirements. It easily integrates with other services and offers an easy to manage console equipped with advanced content filers, providing businesses and customers with a secure and modern approach to managing communication in today's workplace.

  • Advanced Email Encryption is the same simple and convenient solution our customers know and love but with the added benefit of comprehensive cyber resilient solutions from Webroot.

Why is email encryption necessary?

Email is the most vulnerable part of any small to medium-sized business (SMB). If sensitive data falls into the wrong hands, it means loss of reputation, violation of compliance requirements, fines and possible closure.

With remote work, the need for your customers and business partners to easily send you emails and files via email has never been greater.

  • If you secure your email using encryption, you increase your threat defense and empower everyone to communicate safely outside of your network.

No matter what sector your business operates within, Advanced Email Encryption provides reliable protection.
Our customers think so too!

Key Features

Webroot Advanced Email Encryption powered by Zix removes the hassle of encrypting email and gives business stakeholders peace of mind that sensitive data leaving your organization is sent securely.


  • Automatic, bi-directional email encryption
  • Simple and easy implementation
  • Policy-based email protection and data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Automated key management
  • Simple, policy-based TLS (Transport Layer Security) with secure failover


  • Convenient interface for senders and recipients (Including external parties) - no additional learning, setup or cost
  • Automated and non-disruptive implementation
  • Multiple secure delivery options
  • Intelligent, policy-based management with secure failover


  • Robust compliance filters and scanning
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Proof of compliance


Webroot Advanced Email Encryption powered by Zix benefits include:

  • Default and customizable email DLP filters included at no additional cost

  • Multiple secure delivery options to fit your encryption needs

  • On-demand and automatic encryption for sender and recipient

  • Empower external collaboration via Secure Compose portal

  • Graphical reporting for compliance, delivery methods

  • Maintain compliance with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, etc
Webroot™ Advanced Email Encryption powered by Zix™

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